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Saturday, November 12, 2011

BNSF stacktrain (again)

The same stacktrain as from the last post at Caliente approaches Tunnel 1:

Saturday, October 29, 2011


While a BNSF intermodal struggles upgrade at Caliente, sasquatch watches happily:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Cajon Pass route

With the old one being deleted, I decided to start north instead of south this time. It will cover about five miles of the Needles Sub, starting at Hidden Springs and going West to Daggett and Barstow, Then it will go south on the Cajon Sub down to Colton. Here is a pic. from Hidden Springs:
As with all pictures, you may click it to enlarge it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The biggest screw job?

Okay, my computer just gave me the biggest screw job I have ever encountered. No, not on TS2010, where they usually happen, but on TS12. For some reason, it deleted BOTH Cajon Sub and Daggett-Edwards. AND the DEMs that I put them on. For some reason, it deleted every DEM and routes placed on DEMs in the entire game! I will just stick with Kingston Island...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kingston Island: Sounder Eastern Sub: Exploring the Eastern station

Trainztalk is back!!!

Okay, I know that Sounder, in real life, is a commuter railroad in Washington, but in my world, it is the Kingston passenger service, along with the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #2. Sounder(on KI) is getting new cars, which are actually Metro North cars, but once again, pretend.

Okay, so on Kingston Island so far, there are three Sounder stations, but I am planning on there being about 35 total. There are two Amtrak/Sounder stations, and one Sounder only station so far. At milepost 4.7, there is a point where the freight and passenger tracks split, and they do not join back together until Lane. When they are separate, The passenger tracks go right along the southern beaches, and the freight tracks so about 5 miles to the south of the north beaches. The only freight trains that go along the passenger tracks are when there is a train that has a problem that needs to be maintained at the Marianna yard, locals that need to end up at the Marianna yard(L-ESPMAR, L-MARESP, L-KENMAR[the Kingston local that goes between Kendrick yard and Marianna], and the C-ESPWSP rock train), and trains that are rerouted due to a problem with/on the freight tracks.

These are the Sounder stations that I have so far:
Eastern Seaport
Eastern Village
East Marianna

At the Eastern Transit Center, all Sounder and Amtrak trains, and Bosch Lines buses stop here.

A look down the Station Access Road:

An overhead look at the station, with a sounder train 209 parked on track 4(many trains originate here).:

Waiting to cross the street to get to the platform:

NOTE: The station is before milepost 4.7, so both passenger and freight go through the station.

A family happily waits for their train, Sounder 107 so they can go watch some good beach volleyball action at Waveside station:

Meanwhile, A woman who just shopped in the Eastern Village walks to the stairs to get to train 107 so that she can meet up with a friend at Sierra Beach so they can watch some of the surfing action and have a lunch on the pier:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quiz over

...And there were only four guesses.
1. I expect all readers to vote/guess, polls are ALWAYS on the sidebar
2. None of you guessed the correct answer. The answer was A(Walong.

Just an update

Hi. My computer/monitor just gave me another screw job. Thanks for autosave. The Riverside Industrial lead is easy. I just started laying signals(no, NOT crossing signals). That is all.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

TS12 Mojave Sub: Tunnel 2

After getting a screw job resulting in me losing a 30 minute's worth of work, I decided to take a break from Cajon  Sub, and play around with the built-in Mojave Sub

A BNSF stack train emerges from tunnel 2

NOTE: I was very happy to be able to get this shot, as, for some reason, tunnels make the computer's frame rates drop down to 1.5 FPS. >:(

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cajon Pass so far-the start-part 1

This is all I have so far:a house, a school bus barn, a Stater Bros. warehouse, a LARGE parking lot for the Stater Bros., A portion of Barton Rd., Terrance Ave, and part of La Cadena Dr., and a few trees and textures:
As with all pictures, you CAN enlarge them by clicking on them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goodbye Daggett-Edwards, hello Cajon Pass

I am putting a boring desert route on hold to work on a more exciting California desert route. I am now doing Cajon Pass. This one will go from just south of Colton(including the diamond intersection with the UP Alhambra/Yuma Sub) to the Barstow Yard, where it will then meet with the BNSF Mojave/Needles Sub.

Here is my mere progress so far:

I am already working on the Barton Rd. overpass, which is a major pain. I need to make sure every overpass and tunnel has enough clearance for double-stack container trains.The Barton Rd. overpass just barely made the cut for that test.

Friday, July 1, 2011

New quiz up!

Wow... today is a busy day for posts on here! Three posts so far today!

Anyway, Trainztalk's first poll is up! It is a quiz poll, not an opinion poll. The poll is located on the side bar. For those of you that know the Mojave Sub well, this quiz will be gravy. For those who do not know the Mojave Sub at all, good luck! The poll ends at 11:59 AM CST on July 15, 2011.

Wow ... hoy es un día de trabajo para los puestos de aquí! Tres puestos hasta el momento actual! De todos modos, primera encuesta Trainztalk es para arriba! Se trata de una encuesta de cuestionario no, una encuesta de opinión. La encuesta se encuentra en la barra lateral. Para aquellos de ustedes que conocen la Sub Mojave así, esta prueba será la salsa. Para aquellos que no conocen la Sub Mojave en absoluto, ¡buena suerte! La encuesta termina a las 11:59 AM CST el 15 de julio de 2011.

My routes... Daggett so far!

The route that I am working on between Daggett and Edwards Air Force Base is back up, and in TS12 with all amazing Desert Textures and Desert Plants from Mojave Sub to use! This route, once it is finished(which will take a while) will be merged with the Mojave Sub that came with this version of Trainz(TS12). I am currently working on vegetation in Daggett. Here are some progress screenies:
The UP Los Angeles Sub where it merges with the BNSF Needles Sub:

What will be Historic US 66 will be once I am done:

I already completed the western part of Santa Fe St. with all of the street side vegetation:

And, the Daggett-Yermo Rd. crossing at Milepost 737.8:

Yes, this is a route that I am working on. This is based on a real route.

Joshua Trees

I do not know why I find Joshua Trees amazing:

Taken from the Mojave Sub that came with TS12.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

TS12 Mojave Sub: Woodford-Tehachapi Rd.

This is the exact view that I had when I went train spotting on the Tehachapi Loop. Taken from Woodford-Tehachapi Rd. at the historical landmark. This screenshot comes from Trainz(of course, because this is the Trainz blog! You may click all images to enlarge them.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Star ratings

Introducing Star ratings! I am testing this just like I am testing reactions on Crossing Talk! Just like +1 and reactions, this can be found on the bottom of each post. It goes on a scale of 1-5 stars, just like most star ratings systems.

Friday, June 3, 2011

+1 system

At the very bottom of each post, currently on my Traintalk and Trainztalk blogs, is a new +1 system. If you liked the post that I made, simply give it a "+1"! If you hated it, then don't give it a +1!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Trainz pictures on Crossing Talk

Effective today, I will not be posting any more pictures of Trainz railroad crossings on Crossing Talk. All Trainz screenshots, even those with Crossings in it, will be featured on Trainztalk(this blog). I just find it too hard to split them up into two categories.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TS12 Mojave Sub: Welcome to Mojave!

A view of the yard from a residential street:

A pit stop at Shell

Next, a pit stop at McDonald's

A view of the Trona/Searles line(When we go out there in real life, I will try to catch one ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

TS12 Mojave Sub: Welcome to Tehachapi!

Welcome to Tehachapi!

A look down Green St., with the Tehachapi depot to the left.

A look down Tehachapi Blvd.

A look down the tracks at Green St., with a train in the distance!

A look at the train near the square:

Another look down the main road:

Looking at the train from a couple pics. up at Green St.:

Friday, May 13, 2011

NEW Oak City-Redmond route

If you have read my Crossing Talk blog for a while now, then you should know that I worked on a fictional "Oak City-Vincent" route. The original plan was to go to Redmond, but I never got that far. This version will have mix textures, 3 dimensional pine, poplar, and oak forests, looks that are more real, with HD ground textures! The original route was focused in Virginia. This time, Oak City and Vincent will be in Tennessee, Dogwood City, which is how far I got before I got TS2010 back when I got in January, will be on the Tennessee/Virginia state line. I am NOT doing this route is TS2010! I am using TS12, which you can tell by the last post that I got last week. Here are some pics. of what I have so far.

An overview:

Looking into the forest:

Looking at the Residences:

The trees at the houses are the Tennessee state tree, the tulip poplar.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome to the dark side. We have pictures of the TS12 Mojave Sub

Two helpers at Bena going to couple to a long coal train:


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Relatively short time till' Trainz 12

On my last post, I told you in a "relatively" short time. 3-5 weeks. And, another 2-6 weeks for the boxed copy to arrive(I would much rather get a disc than go through what I did when I got TS 09/10.) Expect this blog to be dormant until then. If you want to know when I start back up, subscribe(there is a link at the bottom), and wait for me to post with pics. of the Southern Pacific tank train from Tehachapi Loop. :) Toodles for now, and I will update this blog again when it is installed. Click here to see my other blog.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coming Soon: screenshots from Trainz 12

In a relatively short time, I will be getting the newly released Trainz 2012. Click here for the webpage.

Due to this fact, I will permanantly cease building in Trainz 2010. Heck, who knows, maybe the screen resolution problem will be fixed in TS2012. However, if you look closely at the list of routes that are included with TS2012, you will see a route that will save myself from 1/3 of the building on my Colton-Bakersfield route. Mojave Sub Division. I will get saved from ten months of building. I will still need to build Mojave Yard-Colton, but hey, hard part done!

Anyway, I told you earlier that I will quit building in Trainz 2010, that is nothing. I never started any good, major projects, so don't start bawling. Plus, one thing that is not included on the webpage, there are multiple payware locomotives built in to go with the Mojave Sub! You want the railroads? Neither of them exist anymore! Santa Fe, which eventually was involved in a merger to form BNSF, and Southern Pacific, which Union Pacific scared SP into a "merger". If you want me to define relatively short time, then I will have it for you by Sunday.

En un tiempo relativamente corto, voy a estar recibiendo el recientemente lanzado Trainz 2012. Haga clic aquí para la página web. Debido a este hecho, permanantly dejará edificio en Trainz 2010. Heck, quien sabe, tal vez el problema de resolución de pantalla se fija en TS2012. Sin embargo, si te fijas bien en la lista de rutas que se incluyen con TS2012, podrás ver una ruta que va a salvarme de 1 / 3 de la construcción en mi ruta Colton-Bakersfield. Mojave Sub División. Voy a ser salvo de diez meses de construcción. Todavía se necesitan para construir Mojave Patio-Colton, pero hace parte hey, duro! De todos modos, te lo dije antes que voy a dejar de construir en Trainz 2010, que no es nada. Nunca inició ningún proyecto bueno, importante, así que no comienzan a llorar. Además, una cosa que no está incluido en la página web, hay varias locomotoras PAYware construida en ir con la Subcomisión de Mojave! Usted quiere que los ferrocarriles? Ninguno de ellos ha dejado de existir! Santa Fe, que finalmente participó en una fusión para formar BNSF, y Sur del Pacífico, que Union Pacific miedo SP en una "fusión". Si quieres que definir el tiempo relativamente corto, entonces yo lo tengo para ti el domingo.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Trainz is

Trainz is a common computer model train game that is great. The point of it is to make routes as realistic as possible. A good railroad in Trainz is considered this:

That is the Clovis sub, which is set in New Mexico. No, I did not create this. Any questions? Post a comment on this post.

BNSF Stacktrain

A BNSF Stacktrain on the Clovis Sub*.
*The Clovis Sub, which in set in New Mexico, is NOT my route. Credit for the route goes to Trainz user Dermmy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My day at the loop

Well, I have not told a Trainz story for a while, so I will do it now:

Today, I had to wait 45 minutes to finally see trains come through at the Emerald Loop on the Emerald Pass. However, it was worth it. First, I saw a short Union Pacific Intermodal train powered by TWO CSX LOCOMOTIVES!!!! How often do you see CSX leading a train in the West Coast?

The train above is the same train as below.

Six minutes later, I saw a BNSF train carrying Military Vehicles! How often do you see that!

It was a great day, but I should call it a night.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

BNSF and Amtrak meet at the loop

I am currently creating a WIP route that has a fictional loop in it! Just like the Tehachapi, except fictional! Yes, it is mostly the ugly default texture, that will change.

Amtrak superliner and the top of a container:

Amtrak locomotive and the middle of the BNSF:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Welcome! This is my third "talk" blog. Crossingtalk and Traintalk are the others, although Traintalk never took off. I hope that you all will enjoy this blog. The concept of this blog is to not post crossings from Trainz, but to post pics. from my/other people's creations. Crossings may be used on here as scenery, though. The reason was because I did not want to get off-topic from railroad crossings. What would people think if I posted a just train picture in a crossing blog? Duh! So, that is why I am opening this up. I will have the same junk as I do in my Crossingtalk. Here is my first pic:


Three trains were involved in this!