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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The biggest screw job?

Okay, my computer just gave me the biggest screw job I have ever encountered. No, not on TS2010, where they usually happen, but on TS12. For some reason, it deleted BOTH Cajon Sub and Daggett-Edwards. AND the DEMs that I put them on. For some reason, it deleted every DEM and routes placed on DEMs in the entire game! I will just stick with Kingston Island...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kingston Island: Sounder Eastern Sub: Exploring the Eastern station

Trainztalk is back!!!

Okay, I know that Sounder, in real life, is a commuter railroad in Washington, but in my world, it is the Kingston passenger service, along with the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #2. Sounder(on KI) is getting new cars, which are actually Metro North cars, but once again, pretend.

Okay, so on Kingston Island so far, there are three Sounder stations, but I am planning on there being about 35 total. There are two Amtrak/Sounder stations, and one Sounder only station so far. At milepost 4.7, there is a point where the freight and passenger tracks split, and they do not join back together until Lane. When they are separate, The passenger tracks go right along the southern beaches, and the freight tracks so about 5 miles to the south of the north beaches. The only freight trains that go along the passenger tracks are when there is a train that has a problem that needs to be maintained at the Marianna yard, locals that need to end up at the Marianna yard(L-ESPMAR, L-MARESP, L-KENMAR[the Kingston local that goes between Kendrick yard and Marianna], and the C-ESPWSP rock train), and trains that are rerouted due to a problem with/on the freight tracks.

These are the Sounder stations that I have so far:
Eastern Seaport
Eastern Village
East Marianna

At the Eastern Transit Center, all Sounder and Amtrak trains, and Bosch Lines buses stop here.

A look down the Station Access Road:

An overhead look at the station, with a sounder train 209 parked on track 4(many trains originate here).:

Waiting to cross the street to get to the platform:

NOTE: The station is before milepost 4.7, so both passenger and freight go through the station.

A family happily waits for their train, Sounder 107 so they can go watch some good beach volleyball action at Waveside station:

Meanwhile, A woman who just shopped in the Eastern Village walks to the stairs to get to train 107 so that she can meet up with a friend at Sierra Beach so they can watch some of the surfing action and have a lunch on the pier: