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Saturday, August 11, 2012

What I can't do + Emerald Pass

Today, while I was working on the BNSF Mojave Sub, I realized that I don't like building prototypical routes. I like doing what I want to. This is why I decided to revive Emerald Pass for TS12. Today I finished one baseboard. I plan to make the route close to 110 miles long, with Emerald City having a major yard, and the summit will be there also. You ever seen the movie "Unstoppable"? If you have, you know about the fictional railroad AWVR. Yes, it stands for "Allegheny West Virginia Railroad", but it just fits well in the desert. I decided to do that after I didn't want just BNSF signals, BNSF containers, etc. The locomotives courtesy of Blawnox Locomotive Works. I expanded the Automatic Numbering system, so the numbers weren't so cramped. Here are some WIP shots of the baseboard I completed:

The overview

Down low

Where the tracks cross over Bison Creek

Looking to the West at the MP 31.4 signal bridge

Looking East at the MP 31.4 signal bridge

Friday, August 3, 2012


Just began a new route today, Daggett-Mojave. It will feature the last few miles of the BNSF Needles Sub, and all of the BNSF Mojave Sub. The route will begin just a bit east of the Hidden Springs Rd. just east of Daggett, which is part of the transcon, and go into Barstow Yard, where the Cajon Sub goes south, and the Mojave Sub goes East. Here are some screenshots!

The signals at MP 733

Looking down on Hidden Springs Rd.

Looking East, towards where the texturing begins

Looking West, towards where the city of Daggett will soon be. Yes, there will eventually be vegetation there, also.