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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quiz over

...And there were only four guesses.
1. I expect all readers to vote/guess, polls are ALWAYS on the sidebar
2. None of you guessed the correct answer. The answer was A(Walong.

Just an update

Hi. My computer/monitor just gave me another screw job. Thanks for autosave. The Riverside Industrial lead is easy. I just started laying signals(no, NOT crossing signals). That is all.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

TS12 Mojave Sub: Tunnel 2

After getting a screw job resulting in me losing a 30 minute's worth of work, I decided to take a break from Cajon  Sub, and play around with the built-in Mojave Sub

A BNSF stack train emerges from tunnel 2

NOTE: I was very happy to be able to get this shot, as, for some reason, tunnels make the computer's frame rates drop down to 1.5 FPS. >:(

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cajon Pass so far-the start-part 1

This is all I have so far:a house, a school bus barn, a Stater Bros. warehouse, a LARGE parking lot for the Stater Bros., A portion of Barton Rd., Terrance Ave, and part of La Cadena Dr., and a few trees and textures:
As with all pictures, you CAN enlarge them by clicking on them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goodbye Daggett-Edwards, hello Cajon Pass

I am putting a boring desert route on hold to work on a more exciting California desert route. I am now doing Cajon Pass. This one will go from just south of Colton(including the diamond intersection with the UP Alhambra/Yuma Sub) to the Barstow Yard, where it will then meet with the BNSF Mojave/Needles Sub.

Here is my mere progress so far:

I am already working on the Barton Rd. overpass, which is a major pain. I need to make sure every overpass and tunnel has enough clearance for double-stack container trains.The Barton Rd. overpass just barely made the cut for that test.

Friday, July 1, 2011

New quiz up!

Wow... today is a busy day for posts on here! Three posts so far today!

Anyway, Trainztalk's first poll is up! It is a quiz poll, not an opinion poll. The poll is located on the side bar. For those of you that know the Mojave Sub well, this quiz will be gravy. For those who do not know the Mojave Sub at all, good luck! The poll ends at 11:59 AM CST on July 15, 2011.

Wow ... hoy es un día de trabajo para los puestos de aquí! Tres puestos hasta el momento actual! De todos modos, primera encuesta Trainztalk es para arriba! Se trata de una encuesta de cuestionario no, una encuesta de opinión. La encuesta se encuentra en la barra lateral. Para aquellos de ustedes que conocen la Sub Mojave así, esta prueba será la salsa. Para aquellos que no conocen la Sub Mojave en absoluto, ¡buena suerte! La encuesta termina a las 11:59 AM CST el 15 de julio de 2011.

My routes... Daggett so far!

The route that I am working on between Daggett and Edwards Air Force Base is back up, and in TS12 with all amazing Desert Textures and Desert Plants from Mojave Sub to use! This route, once it is finished(which will take a while) will be merged with the Mojave Sub that came with this version of Trainz(TS12). I am currently working on vegetation in Daggett. Here are some progress screenies:
The UP Los Angeles Sub where it merges with the BNSF Needles Sub:

What will be Historic US 66 will be once I am done:

I already completed the western part of Santa Fe St. with all of the street side vegetation:

And, the Daggett-Yermo Rd. crossing at Milepost 737.8:

Yes, this is a route that I am working on. This is based on a real route.

Joshua Trees

I do not know why I find Joshua Trees amazing:

Taken from the Mojave Sub that came with TS12.