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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My re-creation of Lane-Seaside

Long-term readers of my Crossing Talk blog know that one of the more popular routes from back in the day(2010) was my Lane-Seaside route on the fictional Kingston Island. Yes, it was the one with Bernard. People who have been reading it since at the latest January 2011 know that Lane-Seaside was deleted with Trainz 2009. Well, I have decided to re-create it on TS2010!!! Like the TS2009 route, I started in Downtown Lane. However, with the assets on the Download Station, and help from trusted third-party Trainz sites, this route will be much better!!!

Here is a sneak peak:

Acacia Rd., Stadium District, Downtown Lane, KI:

More screenshots are to come soon, but I need to say one more thing. I will add in a quiz poll. If you read Crossing Talk regularly before October 2010, you may disregard the following message. To all people who began reading Crossing talk after October 2010, then there are a lot of posts saying Kingston Island, or the state abbreviation, KI (example: Lane, KI). If you want to go back in time on Crossing Talk, a lot of the posts regarding Trainz before 2011 are Kingston Island(or KI). I know I took pictures of the screen back then. Those were the old days.