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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kingston Island Alt Hwy. 37 fictional grade separation project

First of all, I know there is no Kingston Island, and I know that there is no alt I-37 grade separation project in real life, so don't go yappin' about that.

And the grade separation continues on the second crossing.

In 2009, there were 5 crossings on the 90-mile long alt I-37. In 2010, there were four, the one in Bernard had been converted. Soon, by August, there will be three as seen here. This is all part of a major grade separation project. Every grade crossing owned by either Sounder or BNSF that crosses the alt I-37 is to be converted to  a grade separated crossover by 2016. Let's give you some more details about this crossing shown here:

  • It is the busiest alt I-37 crossing around, with around 50 daily Sounder trains, 16 daily Amtraks, 41 daily BNSF, and 2 daily KILS (Kingston Island Local Services) on weekdays.
  • The four lane road is expected to be closed in May. At that time, while the four lane road is being torn up, a temporary two-lane crossing will take its place.
  • The overpass will be open in August or September.
  • The crossing is located at MP 2.4, near Eastern.
The KILS Eastern local crosses both the still open four lane crossing, and the temporary two lane.


  1. If I can't yap about the I-37 project, can I still comment? It sounds like some big changes are coming.